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Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

This is a Guest Post by Trey Crowe.

If you want a refreshing local brew in Austin, you have a plethora of options. With over 47 breweries and many available year round beers, everyone can find something to quench their thirst this summer. It’s a great time to be in Austin with all the great Craft Beer to choose from. Amongst all the brews, a few standouts naturally rise to the top. If you think of a particular brewery in Austin, a single beer probably comes to mind. It’s likely your favorite from that brewery, and you’re in good company!

Have you ever wondered what the top rated beers in Austin are? Well wonder no more. We have compiled a list of the top rated local craft beers for each brewery, as voted on by users of Untappd, Beeradvocate, and Ratebeer. (We chose the single top rated beer from each brewery.)

1. Live Oak Brewing Co. – Hefeweizen

You might as well call them the King of Austin breweries. Live Oak’s Hefeweizen blew the competition out of the water with an average rating of 4.07 out of 5 and a staggering 31,245 unique check ins on Untappd. Live Oak certainly earned their bragging rights with not only the top rated beer from their brewery, but the top rated beer in Austin. Period.

Live Oak - Hefeweizen Ale Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas


2. (512) Brewing Co. – Pecan Porter

In an area known more for Cedar trees and Mesquite, (512) Brewing infuses this full bodied and malty porter with locally grown Pecans. A true Austin original.

512 Brewing Pecan Porter Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

3. Austin Beerworks – Fire Eagle IPA

Receiving nation wide press from their 99 pack of Peacemaker Anytime ale, Austin Beerworks top rated beer is actually the Fire Eagle IPA. Austinites love their IPAs, and they’ve made their voice heard by voting Fire Eagle the best.

fire-eagle Austin Beerworks Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

4. Jester King Brewery – Black Metal Imperial Stout

With so many one offs and collaborations, it can be difficult to be well known for a single beer. Jester King’s Black Metal keeps making it into the production schedule, though. Even on a hot summer day, this imperial stout manages to quench thirsts at their farmhouse picnic tables.

Jester King Black Medal Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

5. Hops and Grain Brewery – The One They Call Zoe Lager

Brewed with a focus on sustainability, you can feel good about your carbon footprint when you order a Zoe. Crisp, clean, and arguably one of the best lagers in Texas, it’s decidedly the best in Austin.

Hops and Grain Zoe Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

6. Independence Brewing Co. – Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout

While not appropriate for breakfast, Convict Hill is excellent with BBQ, chili, and other savory dishes. A strong beer with a strong, Austin inspired name, this stout is smooth, rich and creamy.

Independence Brewing Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

7. Thirsty Planet Brewing Co. – Bucket Head IPA

Three IPAs grace this top 10 list, and the bucket head IPA makes a strong showing. You don’t need to hide your face under a bucket in shame for enjoying this one.

Thirsty Planet Buckethead IPA Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

8. Oasis Texas Brewing Co. – Meta Modern Session IPA

Have one or two, then have a few more. Enjoy this extremely tasty session IPA while enjoying an amazing sunset at this brewery overlooking lake Travis.

Meta Modern Oasis Texas Brewing Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

9. Adelbert’s Brewery – Tripel B Tripel

Don’t mistake this yellow fizzy beer for any macro. This complex Belgian ale is a simple decision when it comes down to what you should order next.

Adelberts Tripel B Belgian Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

10. Infamous Brewing Co. – Sweep the Leg Peanut Butter Stout

Rounding out the list, this stout shows no mercy on your taste buds. It’s so good, it might even be worth risking with that peanut allergy you’ve got.

infamous sweep the leg Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

Top 10 Rated Craft Beers in Austin Texas

My name is Trey, and I love beer. I mean, I REALLY love beer. I’d marry it if I could. I started off like most beer drinkers with the standard macro beers. My first ever beer was a smooth and malty Coors Light. Don’t worry, I got better. Being from Monroe, Louisiana (of Duck Dynasty fame) you can imagine that my choices of craft beer were fairly slim. Sam Adams was considered exotic, and mouth puckering IPAs and imperial stouts just flat out weren’t available. In fact the entire craft beer section of my grocery store was about half of a single section of freezer. Sam Adams, Red Stripe, and Shiner Bock was about it.

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  1. Sam Bocetta on October 28, 2016 at 11:04 AM

    Great info here this is awesome. I was looking for some local Austin beers to import to Taiwan. I’ve only tried the bucket head IPA, but I’m sure the rest are great too.

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