NOLA Brewing Expanding Distribution to Texas

NOLA Brewing Expanding Distribution to Texas

NOLA Brewing, based in New Orleans, LA, will soon begin distribution in Texas. While distribution will begin as Houston only, there are plans to expand to other markets. Davis Cranford, VP of Sales, said, “The plan is to start in Houston since there is such a strong connection between Houston & New Orleans. Once we have that under our belt, we will expand to Austin & Dallas, then the rest of our distributor’s footprint.” Distribution will be through Flood Distribution.

A timeline is dependent on how soon they can receive their TABC permits, which can take over a month. After, they will still have to receive label approvals for each individual beer. It will likely be a couple of months before we can expect to see them on the shelves.

As far as the selection of beers that Texas will see, Cranford said, “We are still working on the finer points, but most likely 7th Street Wheat (Lemon-Basil Wheat), Rebirth Pale Ale (Benefitting The Roots Of Music), Hopitoulas IPA, Syncopation IPA (new), Hoppyright Infringement DIPA (new), Irish Channel Stout, our seasonal rotation, and all of our NOLA Funk Series releases as well!”

Nola Brewing Beers

For those that do not know NOLA, Cranford added. “NOLA Brewing just celebrated 8 years of production, and 2 years with the award-winning NOLA Funk Series, from which we produce wild and sour ales. We draw our inspiration from the city in which we live, and craft the best beers that we can for everyone from the novice beer drinker, to the seasoned craft beer enthusiast.”

Texas will be NOLA’s 6th state to distribute to.

For extra information on NOLA Brewing and their beers, you can visit their website at

NOLA Brewing Expanding Distribution to Texas

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