Newair Beer Refrigerator First Look – Holds Up To 126 Cans

Newair Beer Refrigerator - Hold Up To 126 Cans

Newair Beer Refrigerator AB-1200B– Can Hold Up To 126 Cans

We have spent many nights upstairs in our family room entertaining or just watching TV and always having go downstairs to the kitchen to grab cold beers. These extra steps(Sorry Fitbit!) are no longer necessary as we recently we received a complimentary NewAir Freestanding Beer Refrigerator to check out.

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I have always thought about getting a small convenient, freestanding beverage refrigerator (cooler). This cooler has a sleek design, looks great anywhere and provides easy storage for my beers and some La Croix. Right away I knew where it would go, right next to our bar of course!

Newair Beer Refrigerator - Hold Up To 126 Cans

The model sent to us was Black in Color, but NewAir also has stainless steel door option that is actually cheaper on Amazon right now! (See bottom of post for Amazon links)

“The AB-1200B 126-Can Freestanding Beverage Cooler offers the same great NewAir cooling technology in a budget-friendly new finish. This black beverage cooler will blend well with any decor, and the matte plastic finish looks smart and modern. It’s a great affordable way to enjoy high-tech chilling without the expense or high shine of a stainless steel drink cooler. Come with a Full One Year Warranty.”

Keep Your Rare Beers Under Lock and Key!

Parents of teens & tweens are wise to choose a beverage refrigerator with a lock to keep curious kids away from the adult drinks. Or maybe you don’t want your father-in-law actually punding that bottle of Dogfish 120 you’ve been saving.  The AB-1200B has a lock at the bottom of the door that provides you this peace of mind.

Newair Beer Refrigerator - Hold Up To 126 Cans

Get Your Ice Cold Beer Here!

Most standard refrigerators are designed for food storage with a low temp set at about 38 degrees. While this is perfect for fruits and vegetables, it is not ideal when you want a cold beer on a 100F+ Texas Summer Day. The NewAir refrigerator’s thermostat goes all the way down to 34 degrees to give you total control over how you serve your drinks. We have actually seen it go as low at 31f, but here we caught a picture of it at 33f on the coldest setting! (Note: we generally never refrigerate our porters and stouts as we like them close to room temp unless we are “cellaring” them for a bit like this BA Ten Fidy). 

Energy Efficient

This NewAir Beverage Cooler is designed with the energy efficiency in mind. It features cool LED lighting that gives off less heat than traditional bulbs. You’ll enjoy that cool blue glow without making your new beer refrigerator draw more energy to get the job done. (This fridge has an Energy Star estimate of  about $54/year to run)

User-Friendly Design

The AB-1200B freestanding beverage refrigerator is pretty quiet and is rated at just 35 decibels. I can barely hear it while working at my desk about ~15 feet away with no other noise in the room. I cannot hear it at all if I have music on or the AC on.

It also has removable, adjustable shelves which allow you to customize the interior storage to hold just the right combinations of bottles and cans, so you’ll always have the perfect drink ready for your guests.

Full Specifications:

Model: AB-1200B
Product Type: 126-Can Beverage Cooler
Product Dimensions: 19.00″L x 18.25″W x 33.13″H
Product Weight: 62.85 lbs.
Product Color: Black
Voltage: 110 volts
Watts: 85 watts
Amps: 1.3 amps
Frequency: 60 Hz
Noise Level: 35 dB
Bottle Capacity: 126
Wine Cooler Style: Freestanding
Type: Single zone
Finish: Black
Cooling Technology: Compressor
Temperature Control Type: Push Button
Digital Temperature Readout: No
Interior LED Light: Yes
Rack Construction: Metal
Removable Wine Racks: Yes
Locking Doors: Yes
Temperature Range: 34°F – 64°F
Stemware Storage: No
Beverage Capacity: 126
Number of Beverage Racks: 5
Refrigerant Type: R-134A

For more information and details on the Newair Refrigerators and Coolers visit their website:

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