FiftyFifty Brewing is Expanding to Texas

FiftyFifty Brewing, out of Truckee, California, is Expanding their distribution into the Texas market.

FiftyFifty Brewing, out of Truckee, California, is Expanding their distribution into the Texas market.

Working with Flood Independent Distribution, FiftyFifty hopes to start making an appearance in Texas by March of 2018. They are currently working their way through TABC approvals.

The distribution footprint will include Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio to begin with.

FiftyFifty’s starting offerings will include their lineup of 22oz bottles of Eclipse. For those who do not know the brand, “Eclipse is a unique barrel-aged Imperial Stout in that we isolate the various barrels per style, capturing the unique character of each bourbon or spirit of each barrel,” according to FiftyFifty’s co-founder Alicia Barr. While the bottles from this series look the same, the wax on top signifies which bourbon barrel was used for that batch.

“Eclipse has won numerous international and national awards, including taking the Gold for the last 3 years in a row at the European Beer Star Awards. As exciting as the awards are, it’s really the taste and experience that matter. We use awards as a means to track the consistency and quality of our beer, but it’s up to the consumer on whether it’s truly enjoyable,” Barr added.

Additional beers are likely to be added to the lineup alongside Eclipse.

FiftyFifty Eclipse

Photo courtesy of FiftyFifty Brewing

For more information on FiftyFifty’s beers, you can visit their website here:

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